Joan Zilva

Text Box: An  account of a 14 year old’s WW2 overseas evacuation based on her letters home



Chapter Five part 2

Text Box: This was 1941.  Not the first, nor last, time I’ve forgotten that the year has changed!
Text Box: My mother did broadcast - one way.  See later.
Text Box: It was “just you to me”.
Text Box: See page after next.  
Text Box: I didn’t mention Coke in my answers, so at least one other agreed with me.  Am I now the only person in the world who still doesn’t like it?
Text Box: A very mature and sympathetic report.
Text Box: English plumbing was (? is) notoriously badly planned.  Water pipes ran on the outside and burst every winter.  In addition, our main tank was under the north side of the roof and the water inlet always froze.  It used to be my job to climb up and  thaw it - several times a day!

Text Box: I was kitted out for the rigours of Canadian winters.  As we were not used to central heating at home then, the clothes for inside were too hot.
Text Box: The thought of wasting 30 cents!  I must say that they were very generous to War Guests. This rink was at the then City Limits (York Mills I think).  It became a favourite park for skating and skiing and we used to have ice creams (when the temperature was well below zero!) at a café called Hall’s in Yonge Street, on the way home.
Text Box: Reputation in Latin at least temporarily retrieved!
Text Box: As I said before, my performance in tests and exams was always, and continued to be until I eventually stopped having to take them,  very variable. 
Text Box: I am not sure of the financial arrangements, but think this central fund was money my parents were allowed to send out.

Good heavens!
Text Box: Lucky them. 
Text Box: I think she was in the middle of getting a divorce.  That was not considered suitable for a girl of my age to know about.  I only found out when I got home.
Text Box: We were little horrors!  If we had known the complications of mumps in adult males I fear that we might have been even more sadistically amused.
Text Box: Oh dear! English from Cardiff. The Welsh Nats would have got at me now.  
Text Box: This was the Oxford v Cambridge race, which was a very important national event in those days.  As children we wore light- or dark-blue rosettes to show our allegiance.  My mother was at Cambridge, so I backed that.  My father teased by backing Oxford.
Text Box: On March 21st there was a cabinet crisis, and resignations, after Prince Paul, the regent of Yugoslavia, decided to sign a pact with the Axis powers.  On March 23rd there were anti-Nazi demonstrations and on the 27th Prince Paul resigned. Belgrade was severely bombed by the Nazis on April 6th.
Text Box: Miss Adams, the headmistress of the Croydon school.  I seem to have written a lot of long letters - more than I do now!
Text Box: What extravagance!
Text Box: I think they did.  I found it recently and was amazed that it was so good.  Sewing was never my strong point.
Text Box: The questionnaire with my answers
Text Box: Results as published, with picture already shown in the school magazine.
Text Box: This letter was certainly lost at sea.