Joan Zilva

Text Box: An  account of a 14 year old’s WW2 overseas evacuation based on her letters home



Chapter Five Part 3

Text Box: 8.30!!  Not nowadays.
Text Box: Stella swore that it was a very small village school and it was no great deal!
Text Box: Mrs Donovan was a schoolfriend of my aunt who married an American and emigrated.  She did send it and it was accepted  very gladly in Canada.  The great thing for me was that one American dollar was worth $1.10 in Canada.  More ice cream!
Text Box: I have always felt awkward at asking for or  receiving help.  I always feel that I must be a nuisance and prefer to be on the giving end.  This has made me a bit of an outsider.  It may be inborn, or may arise from this period of my life.  I was old enough to feel this way.  The younger ones were not aware of it.
Text Box: Sour grapes.  Dave was very bright.  I must confess, though, that I didn’t work as hard as the others.
Text Box: In my defence, there was some truth in that.
Text Box: I‘m not sure which photos these were. 
Text Box: I still have these magazines, which are very professional for a school project. When Dave and his wife (Betty) came to visit they enjoyed the memories 
Text Box: This is the picture of “War Guests” reproduced previously.
Dear oh dear.  Letting the side down.
Text Box: I’m sure Ian would have preferred to be referred to as “Scottish”.
Text Box: Mr Hay was, I think, a Managing Director of Simpsons.  
Text Box: Very odd!
Text Box: ARP =Air Raid Precautions, about which I knew a bit!
Text Box: It certainly was “fishy” and remains so.  He said he came to see the Duke of Hamilton, but was arrested and imprisoned in Britain until after the Nuremberg War Trials in 1945 and attempted suicide several times.  He was imprisoned in Spandau until his death on August 17th, 1987, when he was 93.  To this day nobody knows if he was mad, or if he had been sent by Hitler. 
Hitler  disowned him.                                                                       
Text Box: This was later changed. 
Text Box: A private note to my father this time.  No feminine details!
Text Box: I guessed correctly.
Text Box: I don’t know what all this is about.
Text Box: Good heavens!  I might have been plumpish, but even one look at the photos shows that I couldn’t have had these measurements.  So far I never have achieved a hip measurement of anywhere near 50 inches and even the bust one is larger than I have ever had!  I think my mother thought that her daughter had turned into an endocrine problem .
Text Box: I still loathe celery and am not keen on radishes.
Text Box: A cable would have been a bit of a shock.
Text Box: Of course, I never knew this.
Text Box: A long letter.  Must have been quite an effort.
Text Box: So her first name was Rose.
Text Box: I haven’t a clue who Don Chrysler was.  Mr McKellar was the headmaster of Lawrence Park Collegiate.

Text Box: No it isn’t - vigorous.  And it should be “rightly”!

Germany invaded Russia on June 22nd. Russia then became our ally.
Text Box: It doesn’t seem very “vulgar” now.  Childish perhaps.
Text Box: I was not so naïve as sometimes appears!  Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, but reasonably astute.
Text Box: Note Arrival of Hess in Britain.
Text Box: One of the few surviving letters from Mrs Bartlett
Text Box: There you are! Wrong as ever!
Text Box: It was July 8th.
Text Box: It was recorded, answering my query about the time of day.
Text Box: My Mother’s notes for the Great Occasion.
Text Box: The appreciative reply.
Text Box: Not entirely accurate. I had no bike then and borrowed one. I was not yet “16 years of age.”
Text Box: I am not sure what I meant by “better.” So far as I could find out both were pretty disastrous at this time.