Joan Zilva

Text Box: An  account of a 14 year old’s WW2 overseas evacuation based on her letters home



















































































Chapter Six—Summer Holidays 1941

Text Box: Guide Camp, Hawkestone
 July 6th to 28th
Text Box: Obviously my mother was worried.  But she only needed to look at the photos!
Text Box: The Cottage
July 31st to August 3rd 1941
Text Box: This is the address of the store at the  landing stage . To reach   it from the cottage we had to canoe a  couple of miles. There was nothing nearer.          
Text Box: I wasn’t the only one, by any means!
Text Box: More attention by the Censor.  Hope he enjoyed his read. 
Text Box: Presumably because the lights were already blacked out and, anyway, there were not many cars because of lack of petrol.
Text Box: On one of the occasions when Dave and his wife Betty came to stay they brought me a T-shirt with loons on it.
Text Box: War Guest Camp “Shangri-la”, Sundridge, Ontario
August 10th to 17th 1941
Text Box: Poor Greta (or Gretta as I spelt previously!)  I still vary in the spelling of her name. Which is correct?
Text Box: The beginning of Beethoven’s 5th symphony has the same rhythm as the Morse code for V.  It was used by Britain as a “victory” symbol - a bit of cheek, since Beethoven was German! 
Text Box: Back at the cottage
August 24th to 31st 1941
Text Box: I learnt how she felt the next year, when I worked picking peaches in the Niagara area.  However, I still love them.  They cost a bit more than 6d (2½p) now!
Text Box: My mother did, much later.  My father never did.
Text Box: Apart from anything else, Leningrad (St Petersburg) had been reached and the terrible siege was about to begin. 
Text Box: Our tent, Guide camp Hawkestone 1941
Text Box: Lu(cille) Wilson at camp.
Text Box: Presumably these are the photographs mentioned on the last page, taken in Spring 1941.
Text Box: The photos, including “Puss”
It seems amazing that film was available all through the war.

Text Box: The diving board at the cottage. Pastel drawn by me.