Joan Zilva

Text Box: An  account of a 14 year old’s WW2 overseas evacuation based on her letters home




Text Box: Actually it was Mrs Bartlett’s parents, the Whittingtons, pictured (albeit indistinctly) earlier..  They lived in the same street as Ed, in Willowdale, then almost country.
Text Box: I’m not sure which photos these were.
Text Box: This was most unusual.  I found it totally boring.  They seemed to spend their time on the ground all dressed up in shoulder pads etc.  As for the cheer girls in mini skirts, shouting out “LPCI, that’s our war cry, watch the sparks fly, LPCI, rah, rah, rah” - well!  (LPCI = Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute).  Words thanks to Dave’s memory.
Text Box: Miss Harrison was a “dope”.  Unfortunately I had her again for science in the 6th form when I returned home to study for  university entrance.  It added to my problems of readjustment and made it a miracle that I got to university 
Text Box: At least I’d learnt to spell Roosevelt!  I think that this must have been a speech to Congress asking them to allow US Atlantic merchant ships to arm.
Text Box: This shows the importance for learning of compatibility between the personalities of the teacher and pupil.
Text Box: Before the war women didn’t do such jobs.  During the war they were recruited into doing most things.  As soon as men came back women tended to be relegated to the kitchen again.  Recently things have changed a lot and most women work outside the home.
Text Box: My father was a biochemist working for the Medical Research Council at the then Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine, founded in 1891 to copy the Pasteur Institute in Paris (now converted to the private Lister Hospital), He worked on vitamins, especially C (ascorbic acid). Szent Gyorgyi just beat him to publication of the structure of the latter - which my father never got over - he had wanted to be first!  His daughter (ie me) was more philosophical about such things.
Text Box: Drummond and his wife were later murdered while camping in France.  Relations  between him and my father were not always cordial although they had published papers jointly - but then my father was prone to paranoia.
Text Box: Mr Wilson was the first person I knew who took colour photos, let alone movies. They were very good, but must have been expensive then.